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At long last, B.J. and Justin Upton's parents only have to follow around one MLB team

Meet Yvonne and Emanuel. This lovely couple is from Chesapeake, Va. They love watching baseball. And, oh yeah, they are also the parents of B.J. and Justin Upton.

"They had a dream. I never stopped them from dreaming," said Emanuel.

The offseason was a perfect dream come true for these parents. For the first time ever, their boys are playing on the same team.

During their entire Major League career, B.J. and Justin only played in one game against each other. Yvonne and Emanuel were forced to split their time in half to watch each of their boys play once a month. However, now their lives are a whole lot simpler. They now have the pleasure of making one trip to see both of their kids play side by side.

"They always had sibling rivalry," said Yvonne. "Justin used to follow his big brother around everywhere."

As the brothers grew older, they became closer. But some things never change.

"Still to this day when they aren't playing, they critique each other," said Emanuel.

These proud parents are hopeful and optimistic about their boys bringing the best out of each other side by side on the field.

"They can take this team to the World Series. I know it."

-- Meera Venkatraman / Real-Time Correspondent

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