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Attention people of Port Charlotte: Alex Cobb might have found your dog

Rays pitcher wants to return stray to his owner

People of Port Charlotte: Alex Cobb may have found your missing dog.

The Rays right-hander departed Charlotte Sports Park after Monday's spring workout like any other day, except this time he spotted a stray dog wandering dangerously close to a busy road.

Passersby honked as Cobb pursued the dog on foot, crossing through neighborhood traffic and several backyards before rescuing the escaped pup some 20 minutes later.

The dog -- a male weighing about 20 pounds -- wasn't wearing a collar and lacked distinct features, save for his scraggly hair. (He bears a striking resemblance to Baxter, Ron Burgundy's faithful, four-legged companion in "Anchorman.")

Cobb brought the dog home and intends to keep him until an owner comes forward. So far, he's made a good playmate for Axel, Cobb's American bulldog.

In the meantime, the Rays would like to help reunite Axel's new pal with his rightful owner(s). If this dog belongs to you, email [email protected] with some proof:


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