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Babe Ruth's 1934 Tour of Japan cap sells for more than $300,000

Babe Ruth's 1934 Tour of Japan cap sells for $300,000

Is your head feeling a little cold? Embarrassed by your early on-set male pattern baldness? Have hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting around waiting to be spent? 

Well, if you had $303,277, you could have purchased Babe Ruth's cap from the 1934 Tour of Japan that was sold recently at an auction. That's an absolute bargain for a piece of baseball history you can plate atop your pate. 

The tour was a star-studded affair. Ruth was joined by Lou Gehrig, Lefty Gomez, Charlie Gehringer and Jimmie Foxx among others.

Not only that, but Connie Mack was brought to manage the club and it was during this trip that Moe Berg showed off the skills that would lead him to becoming a spy during World War II. While in Tokyo, Berg snuck to the top of a nearby hospital with a movie camera hidden under his kimono to surreptitiously film the surrounding area. 

With the stacked lineup, the Major League team won all 22 games they played on the '34 tour, outscoring their Japanese opponents, 250-45. 

The Baseball Hall of Fame recently unearthed some of Jimmie Foxx's home movies which you can see below: 

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