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Ball hawk A's fan ignores Cody Ross, refuses to throw back Mariners home run ball

A's fan catches M's HR, refuses to throw it back

Nick Badders is a diehard Athletics fan and a longtime ball hawk. The kid claims to have 276 baseballs to his name between MLB and Minor League action, but Dustin Ackely's third-inning home run on Saturday was the first in-game home run ball to Badders' credit.

Ackley homered to right field at the Coliseum and Badders caught the ball on the fly (point for #TeamBringYourGlove).

It being his first home run ball and all, Badders opted to keep the souvenir rather than cater to the home crowd by throwing it back. Booing ensued.

Even A's right fielder Cody Ross expected to see the ball come back onto the field.

Aw, you're just being hard on yourself, Nick. There's no written rule about having to throw the away team's home runs back (except maybe at Wrigley Field). You do you, man. Put that thing on the mantel and own it (literally).

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