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Barry Bonds, Rollie Fingers, and more were at the 'Million Dollar Arm' premiere

Most people know Jon Hamm as the stoic, manipulative, self-obsessed advertising executive Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men. Though Hamm will have spent nearly a decade playing Draper (who's recently become obsessed with the New York Mets) when it's all said and done, his iconic turn in the television drama isn't his only notable role. Hamm is also starring in the year's biggest baseball-related movie, Million Dollar Arm.

In the film, which is based on a true story, Hamm plays Kevin Costner J.B. Bernstein, an agent who started a talent search in India to find hard-throwing cricket bowlers with the hopes of turning them into Major League aces.

The movie opens on May 16th, but the star-studded premiere already took place in Hollywood. Barry Bonds, David Wells, Mark Kotsay, and Rollie Fingers (plus his mustache) were all there, along with a host of other MLB personalities to talk about their anticipation for the forthcoming blockbuster.

Rollie Fingers Talking

Seriously, we could listen to Rollie Fingers talk about IRA rollover options for, like, a full five minutes so long as he brings his mustache with him.