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Bartolo Colon continues to be a source of pure joy in the universe, flips behind the back for the out

Bartolo Colon behind the back flip

There is life and there is living. There is waking up and trudging through the mundane tasks and there is biting deep into the marrow of existence, letting the juices of reality pour down your cheeks and stain your shirt. 

And then there is Bartolo Colon, a man who is the living embodiment of joie de vivre, whose at-bats are as whimsical and unexpected as Wes Anderson films and whose pitching style could be described as crafty wizardry that will be practiced until the sun devours planet Earth. 

While facing the Marlins' Justin Bour in the bottom of the sixth inning on Saturday night, Colon added another highlight to his And1 Mixtape. After fielding the dribbler down the first-base line, Colon took the ball and flipped it behind the back to first for the out. 


This came during a game when the right-hander pitched a complete-game shutout and after Colon struck out while bunting, reclaiming the ball as his own on the way. For he knows that strikeouts on bunt attempts are no less beautiful and worthy of being honored as anything else that happens on this strange, spinning orb in the middle of the inky, endless darkness of space. 

At least, that's what we assume he was doing. 

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