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Bartolo Colon sprinted to first base to beat out a swinging bunt!

Bartolo Colon sprinted to beat out a swinging bunt!

The most majestic thing in baseball is undoubtedly Bartolo Colon's offensive mechanics. The dude is such a well-oiled machine up there that he's become a cult hero. We've been tracking his quest for three hits with our Bartolo Colon Hit Tracker and, this week, The Wall Street Journal even got in on the fun.

On Wednesday, Colon had that power -- and those wheels -- on full display when he Baltimore-chopped his way onto the bases:

Sadly, the official scorer opted to rule this an error, essentially robbing Colon of his second hit of the year. This means that Colon's at-bat will go down as an E-2 in your books, but No. 1 in your hearts. 

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