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The most magical place on Earth: Bartolo Colon's baseball academy has a Bartolo statue

Do you remember the first time you read Harry Potter? How badly you wished that you could run headfirst into platform 9 3/4 and wind up on a magical train, eating magical chocolates and attending a magical school for Witchcraft and Wizardry? 

Well, I'm sorry, but that's not real. You will never wake up one day and discover that you can attack bad guys with a light beam unicorn or whatever. 

However, there is one place that is even better than Hogwarts. And that place is Bartolo Colon's baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. Rather than a cloak and a wand though, you get something much better -- BC40 hats and T-shirts. 

Even better, the academy has its own statue for the "Architect" of the academy -- Bartolo himself. 


All I know is that if the Academy were to sell life-size replicas of the statue, I would sell everything I owned just to have one. 

(Photos by @AlexSimon99)