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Bartolo Colon's new ad features rib-eating workout tips and is must-watch TV

Bartolo Colon's new ad is must-watch TV

How can you condense the love we have for Bartolo Colon into 30 seconds? How can you summarize the hardest-working, homer-hitting, fastball-throwing man into one commercial? 

Well, as Ian Malcolm says, "life finds a way." 

Enter this beautiful Kingsford commercial, featuring Delino DeShields questioning how Colon stays in shape and can keep pitching at the age of 45. Turns out, it features a year-round schedule of squatting with a full hog around his shoulders, curling heavy bags of charcoal and ribs and jiggling his belly. It's a full-body workout. 

Watch the advertisement and then watch it again. And again. It's beautiful. It's a work of art. 

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