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Baseball ... on ice! It happened on January 12, 1884

You may have heard of the Winter Classic, an annual event in which two NHL teams play outdoors. Three times, hockey has taken place at baseball stadiums -- in 2009 at Wrigley Field, 2010 at Fenway Park and 2012 at Citizens Bank Park. But did you ever imagine the opposite happening?

It did, 129 years ago. Larry Corcoran, a pitcher for the NL's Chicago White Stockings (which were actually the forebears to today's Cubs) led a team made up mostly of amateurs against a team of mostly professionals in a five-inning exhibition game -- and it happened with everyone wearing skates, on an ice rink in Brooklyn.

Corcoran's underdog team prevailed by a score of 41-12. Whether the the high score was due to the difference in era, or the other team consisting only of fielders who couldn't skate, is unknown.

So what do you think -- should this event be turned into a new tradition today?

-- Dan Wohl /