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Batkid saves Lou Seal, is hero we both need and deserve

Main photo via @SFWish

Sometimes you read a story, and you can't help but smile. It totally and completely makes your day. This is one of those times.

Five-year-old Miles Scott, suffering from lymphoblastic leukemia for much of his life, asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to turn him into Batman for the day. And on Friday, with the help of the City of San Francisco and thousands of volunteers, it happened.

Batkid was called on by San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr (aka Commisioner Gordon) to help save "Gotham." The caped youngster rescued a damsel in distress from a cable-car disaster and stopped The Riddler from robbing a bank downtown:



Reports then circled that Lou Seal had been captured by The Penguin, so onlookers watched as Batkid raced his batmobile to AT&T Park:


After hopping through a few obstacles, Miles was able to free Lou -- and the Giants mascot was forever grateful:


The hero took a much-deserved victory lap around the bases:

Batkid, lap

News of Batkid's exploits made headlines:


And even caught the attention of our president:

Along with the city being safe, Miles' cancer is currently in remission. A successful end to the week.

Here's a full video recap of the day courtesy of