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After Ben Paulsen shaved, Keith Hernandez warns about the dangers of facial hair grooming

Keith Hernandez discusses dangers of shaving

You may have thought facial hair was easy. That you just let it go, occasionally dropping in to touch it up and keep it from resembling an Amazonian rainforest of hair. But no, you would be wrong. For facial hair maintenance is like squaring off with the plants in Little Shop of Horrors -- each tendril of hair a living, breathing ecosystem of fashion. 

Ben Paulsen learned that the hard way. Known for his thick, woodsy beard that made him look more like he was Charlie Blackmon's brother than teammate, the Rockies' first baseman had to remove it all following a shaving mistake. 

Either that or a shapeshifter took his place on the team, but doesn't have the ability to simulate a real beard. 


With the Rockies taking on the Mets on Friday night, Keith Hernandez was there to provide some necessary facial hair commentary. After all, if there's anyone who knows his way around iconic male grooming, it's Keith. 


After Gary Cohen said that Paulsen took too much off one side when shaving, Hernandez revealed that shaving is like Jedi training, saying, "That happens if you're not very careful. You have to be professional when you do that."

Hansel Robles would end up balking during Paulsen's at-bat, and while we can't say for certain that it's due to the bright shine reflecting off of Paulsen's freshly shaved face, we can only assume that was the reason. 

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