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Zombie Colby Rasmus and the best baseball-themed Halloween costumes of 2015

The best baseball Halloween costumes of 2015

It's one thing to throw on your favorite shirsey, swipe a pillow case from the upstairs closet and head out to extort candy from your neighbors by threatening to forcibly coerce them into inhaling the aroma of your undergarments. It's a totally different thing to coordinate with your friends to dress as the entire cast of a classic baseball movie.

On Oct. 31, 2015, we scoured the Internet in search of the best baseball costumes of the Halloween season and were anything but disappointed. 

We found a college baseball team that dressed up as the entire cast of "The Sandlot:"

"I'm Keith Hernandez."

A guy who went as Caleb Humphreys, the kid who caught Mike Moustakas' home run in Game 6 of the ALCS:

"A League of Their Own" ... classic:

KayCee, the guy who hangs the "W" after the Royals win at Kauffman Stadium:

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's ... Spaceman Bill Lee!

It's Mr. Met, kind of!

Sure, that's some impressive dedication to the Amazins, but one group of fans dressed up as the team's entire starting rotation (minus Bartolo, sadly):

And then there's this fan, who is very excited to be playing the role of Thor/Noah Syndergaard:


Move over, Derek Holland. There's a new Wild Thing in town:

NL Cy Young Award hopeful Jake Arrieta tragically shaved his beard, but not before this youngin' had his Halloween costume all ready to go:

If you or someone you know rocked an awesome baseball-themed costume for Halloween this year, tweet us @Cut4 and you might find yourself featured on the site.