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'What a run!' MLB reacts to the USMNT's final World Cup match

The U.S.A. came very, very close to moving on to the World Cup quarterfinals, but just couldn't hang on against a brilliant Belgian team. The Belgians won the match 2-1, despite American goalkeeper Tim Howard putting in one of the best performances of his career, recording 16 saves in two hours of soccer.

Obviously, the whole country was glued to their television screens to watch the match take place: even MLB.

Before the game got underway, spirits were high:

Even MLB's lone German player, Reds utilityman Donald Lutz, was cheering for the Americans:

But once the game was under way, everyone had to watch:

The first half ended 0-0, with Belgium playing far superior soccer. As the game continued into the second half, Belgium were still outclassing the Americans; however, Howard was completely dominant in the goal for the U.S.A -- keeping the game scoreless despite an offensive onslaught from his opponents.

His countrymen in MLB took notice:

Even the Mariners franchise was cheering for Howard:

As was Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow:

There was a bit of trash talk as the game continued to the final minutes of regulation:

But most people were still just really, really nervous:

And still believing in their team:

As the game entered extra time, Tim Howard continued to deny everything at the goal, prompting some very high praise:

Well, almost everything.

In the 93rd minute of the match, Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne put one past Howard to give his team a 1-0 lead. Then, in the 105th minute, striker Romelu Lukaku followed it with a goal of his own.

The U.S. was trailing 2-0 and people were sad:

But still hopeful:

Minutes later, American forward Julian Green scored his first World Cup goal on a beautiful volley, cutting the margin to 2-1. There was much rejoicing:

Fans cheered the team on:

But it wasn't enough. Despite grabbing a few late chances, the U.S. lost to Belgium 2-1 in extra time.

Nevertheless, both the team and its fans could hold their head high:

And, even after the match, all anyone could talk about was Howard's amazing performance:

But now, according to Canadian minor league outfielder Tyson Gillies, it's time to get back to more pressing matters:

Thanks for an awesome run, USMNT!