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Billy Hamilton goes for a run: Steals 2nd, 3rd and 'kind of' steals home

Hamilton steals 2nd, 3rd and 'kind of' steals home

As anyone that has ever worked on a group project at school or work knows, sometimes it's better if you just do all the work yourself and let others bask in that glory. 

Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton took that to heart on Monday night. In the bottom of the second inning against the Phillies, Hamilton singled off of Cole Hamels and then stole second. He then stole third. And as Brandon Phillips walked and Carlos Ruiz fired to first, Hamilton saw his opportunity and engaged his rocket boosters as he took off for home. 

How fast was he going? Statcast™ had him pegged at an absurd 21.5 mph. 


First called a stolen base, it was soon changed to a fielder's choice. Probably to keep everyone else from feeling bad -- kind of like those participation trophies you received for going 1-for-17 in your final Little League season. 

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