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Bleacher Creatures honor memory of founding member

Monday evening was very bittersweet for the Bleacher Creatures. August 13 marked the birthday of the late Ali Ramirez, an original Creature and true Yankees fan.

Back in Section 39 of the old Yankee Stadium, Ramirez famously rang a cowbell to spark team rallies and cheers from surrounding fans. When he died on May 8, 1996, he was honored by the Yankees' front office before the May 14th  Bombers-Mariners game. On that day, Dwight Gooden pitched a no-hitter.

On Monday, the Bleacher Creatures of Section 203 welcomed members of Ramirez’s family to celebrate Ali’s birthday.  Ali's grandson, Louie, brought Ramirez’s old cowbell to the bleachers and rang it after the seventh-inning stretch. 

Ramirez may be gone from the Yankee Stadium bleachers, but a small piece of him will never be removed. A plaque at the end of one of the rows in Section 203 reads:

THIS SEAT IS TAKEN. In Memory of Ali Ramirez, "The Original Bleacher Creature."

-- Matt Latimer / Real-Time Correspondent

Content captured by Real-Time Correspondent on a Samsung Galaxy S III


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