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Today in Postseason History: Devon White and Blue Jays nearly turn miraculous triple play

There's only been one triple play in World Series history. It was turned by Indians second baseman Bill Wambsganss -- otherwise known as "Wamby" ("Wambsganss" didn't fit into newspaper box scores) -- in the 1920 Fall Classic. Weirdly enough, it was of the unassisted variety. He caught a hard line drive, stepped on second base and then tagged the runner trying to advance from first to second.

But 23 years ago, Devon White and the Blue Jays nearly turned a second triple play in Game 3 of the 1992 World Series against the Braves. Well, actually, they did turn one. It's complicated. Watch the video above and check out the GIF below:

As you can see, following a brilliant catch by Devon White and quick throw by first baseman John Olerud, Kelly Gruber did in fact nick Deion Sanders on the heel with his glove. Unfortunately, replay review wasn't in use back then and Toronto lived with the call.

Fortunately, they ended up on the right side of things three games later ...