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5 times when Marcus Stroman's Twitter account was actually your personal life coach

Let Stroman's Twitter inspire your life

He may be only 24, but Marcus Stroman has already mastered two very important things: Motivation and social media. Not only did he manage to rehab an ACL tear while taking summer classes at Duke, he proved to be an excellent tweeter as well.

So it's only natural that the righty would eventually combine his two passions (you know, other than that whole "pitching" thing). Motivational speaking is so 20th century; motivational tweeting is now, and Marcus Stroman is its Tony Robbins. Before he starts Game 2 of the ALDS against the Rangers this afternoon, take a scroll through a few of the most choice nuggets:

There's guidance for every situation, like when others look to you in search of inspiration ...


... or you want to start taking some risks ...


... or you're just in need of a little pick-me-up:


No matter what, though, make sure to always be yourself:


And carry yourself with confidence:


Print them out, carry them with you, build shrines to them. But whatever you do, remember to always ask yourself: What Would Marcus Stroman Do?

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