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David Price and the entire Blue Jays team took a field trip to MNF for the Eagles-Falcons game

Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of seeing a baseball movie filmed in the 1990s knows that players on winning teams have more fun. They joke around in the clubhouse, they throw up on the Tilt-A-Whirl and their highlight montages are magically set to hit singles from doo-wop star Dion.

Well, the Blue Jays have a 3.5-game lead atop the AL East, so they were looking to have a little fun when they got to Atlanta for a three-game Interleague series against the Braves. And their version of fun was a team field trip to watch the Eagles and Falcons open up the new NFL season on Monday Night Football:

Stroman wasn't kidding when he said "whole squad," either. Jose Bautista was there, even though he's a Steelers fan at heart:

David Price was there to cheer on fellow Vanderbilt alum, Iggles wide receiver Jordan Matthews:

Chris Colabello and Internet cult hero Munenori Kawasaki used the opportunity to bond:

With Kawa and the dudes at #MNF #georgiadome #myninja

A photo posted by Chris Colabello (@cc20rake) on

And AL MVP hopeful Josh Donaldson took in the action from a great vantage point with Edwin Encarnacion:

A team that hangs together, rakes together. That's the old saying, right?