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After being ejected, Minor League manager finds exciting new use for rosin bag

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. And while we can only guess that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb while sitting in a dark house, wishing that he remembered to have picked up matches earlier that day, or that J.C.R. Licklider invented the Internet because he was tired of having to read books to find cute animal pictures, we do know how the rosin bag as alternative deodorant was discovered: At a Minor League game. 

In the top of the ninth inning of Saturday's Pensacola Blue Wahoos game, catcher Kyle Skipworth was ejected, throwing all of his catcher's gear onto the field as he left. Pat Kelly, the manager of the Wahoos, the Double-A affiliate of the Reds, decided that he had something to say, too. 

After Kelly was ejected, he was apparently struck with inspiration. Tearing off his uniform, Kelly marched to the mound, picked up and rosin bag and applied it to his underarms, yelling at the umps as he did. 


Though we can't read lips, we assume he must have been saying, "Fed up with your usual deodorant that's filled with harmful chemicals and artificial scents? Then switch to my patented deodorizing rosin bag. It'll eject that B.O. faster than you can say, 'Are you serious, blue?! No way that was a strike!'" 

Watch the full video below: