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Bo Jackson tells White Sox to stop thinking and just hit the baseball hard already

Bo Jackson tells White Sox to stop thinking, just hit

Bo Jackson knows a lot of things: baseball, football, basketball, cycling, surfing, cricket ... and, apparently, that keeping a clear mind leads to a lot of homers.

Jackson -- who played 108 games for the White Sox between 1991 and '93 -- was recently mic'd up at White Sox Spring Training in Glendale, Ariz., where he could be heard joking with some players that he's still got it:

"I can hit better than that."

The former All-Star also recalled some advice he dispensed at camp last season.

I said, "Look, man, it ain't that hard. Just go up to the plate ... don't go up there lookin' to hit the ball hard. Just go up there and swing the bat. He went out there and hit a home run and came back and he looked at me and said, 'That [stuff] works.'"



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