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Human highlight reel Bo Jackson nails runner at third base with incredible throw

Bo Jackson launches throw to get runner at third

Bo Jackson GIFs should be on the summer reading curriculum of every school district in the country because no education can be considered complete without animated images of Bo Jackson doing Bo Jackson things.

Jackson miraculously worked his way back from hip-replacement surgery to rejoin the White Sox for the 1993 season. On Aug. 31 of that year, Jackson proved once more exactly why he had a reputation as a human highlight reel.

With no outs in the bottom of the eighth inning, Yankees shortstop Mike Gallego (the player who wore No. 2 before some other guy made it famous) hit a two-run double to trim the White Sox lead to four runs. Jim Leyritz proceeded to fly out to right field and Gallego either:

A. Forgot who was manning right field for the White Sox, or

B. Didn't believe the tall tales he'd heard about Jackson ...

Because Gallego tried to tag up on the play and Bo threw him out without a crow hop.

Bo was basically back-pedalling when he hauled that ball in. The only thing better than the throw itself is Bo's reaction once he got the call at third. Dude went full Mutombo:

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