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Bob Uecker got trapped in his own radio booth on Wednesday night

Uecker gets trapped in Brewers booth

If you're going to be locked in a room with anybody, it might as well be Mr. Baseball.

Bob Uecker made sure nobody lost their cool in the Brewers radio booth Wednesday when a group that included fellow broadcasters Joe Block and Jeff Levering, longtime engineer Kent Summerfeld and Uecker's assistant, Mary Burns, found themselves trapped for several innings by a broken lock on the door.

"People who are listening to the ballgame, I know what you're thinking," Uecker said. "'He's ready for the home. He's cooked. It's finally happened. He's seeing ladders and doors without handles.'"

As the game rolled along, fans were treated to dueling play-by-play of the Brewers and Dodgers on the field, and the crew of handymen who stationed a ladder on the loge level at Miller Park and climbed into the booth to remove the door from its hinges.

After the Dodgers made their final out in the seventh, Block told listeners, "We're not going anywhere. You do the same."

Eventually, help arrived and Uecker & Co. were free.

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