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Brandon Belt celebrates 18th-inning home run with 'The Exasperated Bat Flip'

By now you've surely heard about the 18-inning marathon between the Nationals and Giants that stretched over two days before there was a winner in NLDS Game 2. There were 17 pitchers used, 485 pitches thrown, 34 strikeouts, 20 straight batters retired, a replay review on a play at the plate, two ejections and a partridge in a pear tree.

Oh, and a game-winning home run off the bat of Brandon Belt:


And, after more than 17 innings, what a magnificent home run it was. You might want to pay attention to what happens immediately after Belt cranks that homer because he demonstrates one of the more sophisticated celebrations we've seen this year: The Exasperated Bat Flip.


That's what 18 innings will do to you.

Belt said it was one of the hardest balls he's ever hit and man did it come at the right time. The Giants are up 2-0 heading back to home to AT&T Park for Game 3.