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Brandon Crawford or Gerrit Cole? Amy Crawford must choose between boyfriend and brother

Pirates right-hander Gerrit Cole, who entered the season as baseball's No. 8 overall prospect, will make his big league debut on Tuesday. It's a big moment for Pittsburgh and for Cole. It should also be an interesting day for Cole's girlfriend, Amy Crawford. You see, the Pirates are taking on the Giants. Brandon Crawford is on the Giants. Brandon Crawford is Amy's older brother:


Brandon thinks his sister will wear one of those half-and-half hats, and has already claimed that Amy would root for him:

"I've talked to my sister about what it would be like to face him and who she should root for," the Giants shortstop said. "She said it would be tough, but obviously she'd root for me."

But that was two years ago, Brandon. Relationships only get stronger with time. And on Sunday, Amy admitted she'll be sitting in the home section of PNC Park. We shall see. Either way, it'll be a tough decision.

-- Matt Monagan /

h/t: Big League Stew