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Brandon Phillips got these ridiculous Louboutin sneakers for Shane Victorino, and we have a ton of questions

Evidently, newly acquired Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino is a sneaker hound. We know this because he tweeted out the above picture of a pair of red, spiked Christian Louboutins that Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips got for him. While these are clearly a wonderful gift, they've also raised about a million questions, namely:

  • Are they really a gift for Victorino to wear?
  • Does Louboutin even make men's sneakers?
  • Is Victorino going to wear these to the club? The mall? The gym?
  • Did Phillips come across these in the store and think, "Oh man. I've just GOT to get these for Shane!"
  • Why did they come in what appears to be a very nice cloth bag? Is that how all rich-people shoes come?
  • The shoes are size 6.5. There's no way the Flyin' Hawaiian's feet are that small, right? Right?
  • Is the fact that they're red a taunt based on Cincinnati's team name? Or a show of support for Victorino's new team?
  • Since the spikes are on the top, that makes them illegal to use as baseball cleats, yes?

-- Dakota Gardner /