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Did the gnat that flew into Brandon Phillips' eye give him superpowers?

As superhero mythology has taught us, any time you get bitten by a bug, you should be on the lookout for developing magical powers. We rarely have the chance to observe these powers developing in real-time, but on Thursday night, Brandon Phillips gave us that opportunity. 

In the top of the eighth inning at PNC Park, the score was knotted at 4-4. Phillips was ready to give Cincinnati the go-ahead run, but a bug flew into his eye, forcing him to step out of the batter's box and take a strike: 


Just a half an inning later, he did this


Some insects begin their flights by taking off backwards, and as you can see above, this ability has already been transferred to Phillips. The newfound powers also allowed him to hit the go-ahead home run in the 13th. And if you need our superpower hypothesis to be peer-reviewed, check out how this other hero reacted to it: