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Brewers bullpen catcher eats 23 cheesesteaks, breaks Citizens Bank Park record

Brewers bullpen catcher sets new cheesesteak record

Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel was looking surprisingly spry Thursday after making culinary history at Citizens Bank Park.

He'd just broken the record for cheesesteak consumption in the visitor's clubhouse at the Phillies' 11-year-old yard, downing 20 of the massive sandwiches as of Thursday afternoon -- and counting. On Wednesday, Hanel broke the previous three-game mark held by Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill when he took the first bite of cheesesteak No. 18. On Thursday, Hanel blew past Marlins right-hander Mat Latos' four-game record (18), and had already finished No. 20 when it was time to head out to catch Wily Peralta's pregame bullpen session.

Hanel's record-setting bite was a bona fide media event, with the Brewers catching it on video:

Word has it Hanel then ate three more heros during Milwaukee's 11-inning win over the Phillies and was pressured to go for 24. Oh, and after the game -- he was eating a Popsicle!!

His competitive eating habit was formed at an early age.

"My mom and dad both came from Germany, and they didn't have anything," Hanel said. "So if they put anything on the plate, you ate it. … I remember in high school, as a ballplayer you want to gain weight. I was 6-foot-3, 170 or 175, and I would eat all the time. My mom would make these huge sandwiches. She would make five of them, and during the course of the day at school I would eat them … I would eat three sandwiches, and I would sell two of them for a dollar apiece and order two hot lunches and five chocolate milks."

Phillies clubhouse attendants Mike Chernow, Brian Parks and Mike Garuccio keep meticulous records of cheesesteak consumption over the years for both players and non-players. The Brewers are well-represented. Besides Hanel's all-time mark, former Brewer Corey Hart owns the player record for a single day -- with seven steaks.

Wasn't Hanel worried about his cholesterol?

"Nah, I'm a bad eater, anyways," he said with a smile. 

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