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Bring your shades: Here's a roundup of MLB players losing track of the ball in the sun

6 Major Leaguers who could've used some nice shades

If you consulted your Random Internet Holiday Calendar on the morning of April 11, you probably noticed that it's National Sunshine Day. Baseball's back, temperatures are warming and the sun is shining, so today certainly seems like as good a day as any to celebrate our star.

So, before you head off to your family's annual National Sunshine Day barbecue to exchange National Sunshine Day presents, we thought we'd publish a little gift for you to enjoy.

In accordance with National Sunshine Day tradition, here's your roundup of professional baseball players losing track of fly balls in the sun. (Sorry, but it's B.Y.O. Benny Hill Theme.)

Clint Robinson


Dustin Ackley


Denard Span


Hunter Pence


Melvin Upton (pays it forward)


Andrelton Simmons


Though the bloopers are rightfully entertaining, none of these guys should feel bad about coming up short against the literal center of our solar system. If it can happen to Simmons, it can happen to anyone.

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