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British Prime Minister candidate Ed Miliband is a huge Red Sox fan

On May 7, British Parliament will have a new Prime Minister (Or, perhaps, the same Prime Minister, depending on the results of the upcoming election). And if Labour Party candidate Ed Miliband is elected, it would mean having a baseball fan at 10 Downing Street for quite possibly the first time ever. We have no idea what his policies are -- those aren't important. What is important is he's a huge Red Sox fan. 

In an interview with Absolute Radio, the party leader admitted that after living in America as a boy, he became a big baseball fan and his "secret passion is the Boston Red Sox baseball team." While discussing his favorite apps, he revealed that he used the MLB At Bat app with MLB.TV because "the great thing, which is different from when I was a kid, is that you can actually watch the games live." 

Check out the relevant portion at 2:30: 

But Miliband isn't just a Red Sox fan in name only. His passion is deep. When the Sox won the Series in 2013, the politician didn't just stay awake until 4 a.m. to watch the game, but like any good fan, he was tweeting about it, too: 

However, should Miliband win, we imagine that he'd have to share his allegiances with a British club. Presumably, he'd choose the Bolton Robots of Doom because, come on, that's awesome. 

Robots of Doom