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Watch Brooks Robinson make his famous backhanded play in the 1970 World Series

Watch Brooks Robinson's famous play from World Series

You know what would be great to have fielding baseballs at third base? A vacuum cleaner.

Well, from 1955-77, the Orioles had the second-best thing: Brooks Robinson. Robinson, nicknamed "The Human Vacuum Cleaner," is celebrating his 78th birthday on Monday. The Arkansas native won 16 consecutive Gold Gloves from 1960-75 (second-most ever behind Greg Maddux), has the fourth-highest fielding percentage of all-time among third baseman and boasts a career dWAR of 38.8 -- third among all defenders who have ever played the game.

And on his big day, we wanted to remember his iconic backhanded stab and off-balance throw in Game 1 of the 1970 World Series:

Robinson also slashed at a .429/.429/.810 rate, hit two homers, tallied six RBIs and broke a five-game Series record with 17 total bases. The O's won that year's Fall Classic against the Reds and their Hall of Fame third baseman was named the MVP.

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