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Inspired by Bugs Bunny, Bryan Cranston stars in one-man show about #postseason baseball

Bryan Cranston's one-man show about the postseason

Bryan Cranston has pretty much dominated the entertainment world. He's won four Emmys and a Golden Globe for one of the best dramas in TV history, acted in perhaps the greatest sitcom of all time (and also Seinfeld) and starred in an Oscar-winning film. So, what's the next practical step? A one-man show about postseason baseball:

As you can see, Cranston had a difficult time getting things going, but thanks to Bugs Bunny, he was able to persevere. He also received ballet lessons from Pedro Martinez and pulled off an incredible "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" spoken word performance.

If you haven't figured it out, none of this is real (it's a TBS creation), but it really should be.