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Bryce Harper hits the longest home run of his career with this 461-foot blast

Bryce Harper hit the longest home run of his career

With arms as thick as a nest of snakes that have become horribly tangled and a swing as powerful as, I dunno, 18 magically powered oxen (not sure how to measure that exactly), it's tough to remember that Bryce Harper is still only 22 years old. Which means that every time he hits a home run, there's a chance for a personal milestone to be set. 

The right fielder did just that on Saturday afternoon. Facing Aaron Harang in the fifth inning, Harper bounced the 89-mph two-seam offering off the wall behind the fence in center field.

Harper HR

The dinger was measured by Statcast at 461 feet, topping his previous best: a 444-foot shot on Sept. 8, 2012: 

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