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Photo of the Day: Bryce Harper meets his cutest fan

Photo of the Day: Bryce Harper meets his cutest fan

No matter what teams we root for, baseball fans all share a common dream -- we want to meet our favorite players. What Dodgers fan doesn't want to play video games with Yasiel Puig? What Phillies fan doesn't want to pet puppies with Chase Utley?

But MLB players are so busy, you know, playing baseball. Outside of disguising yourself as a mascot, how are you supposed to meet one? Well, one Nationals fan has figured out the secret: Be a super-cute baby.

On Friday, Bryce Harper re-posted an Instagram of this little guy:

And thanks to the power of the Internet x cuteness (otherwise known as the Sophia Grace and Rosie Principle), Bryce and the baby (who is named Mac) somehow found their way to each other in real life: 

Mac got to meet @bharper3407 today! What a fun day with @jenwing1 #nationals

A video posted by Sam Harper (@sharperdc) on

But perhaps the encounter was always meant to be. 

"He spotted us from across the field and asked if he could hold our baby," said the child's mother, whose name is ... Jenny Harper.

Yes, that's right -- Baby Mac and Bryce share a last name. They're not related, but the family says that Bryce has always been their favorite player, and now they like him even more. 

But of course -- just look at those Harper boys:  

Never have we wanted Benjamin Button disease more. Check out an interview with the family:

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