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Bryce Harper has a sliiiight mispronunciation of the word 'meme' on 'SportsCenter'

Harper pronounces 'meme' as 'me-may'

Remember the first time you saw a meme? Did you know how it was pronounced? Were you googling "meme" pronunciations or saying it aloud to yourself in the mirror -- "MaMay," "Memie," "MayMe" -- listening for what sounded right? Well, then, you can't fault newly-elected NL MVP/baseball-destroying machine Bryce Harper for his sliiiight misprununciation during "SportsCenter" on Thursday night. Scott Van Pelt asked him a question regarding eternal baldness and, well, just listen below:

Maybe it's not "Meem" and it really is "MeMay?" I mean, do you really wanna disagree with this guy?

Harper walk-off

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