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Bryce Harper snagged a fan's phone and returned it with a selfie

Video: Zach Trott / Real-Time Correspondent

Imagine you're at Tuesday night's Blue Jays-Nationals game. Hey, that's pretty cool! Now imagine you're sitting in the front row of the right-field seats, just a few feet away from possible superhuman and definite hair model Bryce Harper. How do you handle such good fortune? Do you:

A) Squeal uncontrollably until a neighboring fan pelts you with peanuts to shut you up

B) Unveil the world's most disturbingly elaborate chest painting

C) Keep it to yourself, man, no way Bryce Harper even knows you exist oh my god wait is he looking over here why is he looking here should I do something JUST BE COOL

D) Present your cell phone as a gift, because we must please the Dinger Gods with an occasional sacrifice 

If you picked D, congratulations! Let's show 'em what they've won: 


Apparently, the whole thing was Bryce's idea, because he is some kind of Selfie Fairy: "He was reaching, calling for people to throw their phones down," the fan explained. "I'm just glad I caught it when he threw it back." 

A final disclaimer, however: If you throw your cell phone onto the field, a fantastic selfie is almost definitely not what you'll get, so please, don't do that.