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Buck Showalter does not watch Star Wars, is not familiar with Yoda

During the Orioles Fanfest on Saturday, kids asked Miguel Gonzalez and Chris Tillman one of life's important questions: "Do you know why Buck Showalter never smiles?" Later, young O's fans got to ask Showalter himself some Qs, and at least one got his answer ... sort of.

When asked to name his favorite Star Wars character, Showalter answered, "You know, I don't do the Star Wars thing." Then, when Showalter asked his questioner who his favorite character is (Yoda), the veteran manager revealed the extent of his incomprehension:

Alas, Buck, Yoda is not a robot. According to Wookiepedia, he is an organic lifeform of an unknown species. Or, as the young fans in attendance replied to Showalter, Yoda is "the green guy." 

Something tells us Showalter will not be in the theater Thursday night for The Force Awakens -- which is a shame, because if there's anything that could make him smile, it's the opening notes of John Williams' score after "A long time ago..." appears across the screen.