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Budweiser named its newest (and very adorable) baby Clydesdale after Mike Moustakas

Warm Springs Ranch

After Mike Moustakas set a Royals record with a whopping nine RBIs in Saturday's 14-6 win over the Orioles, a sneaking suspicion may have crept into your mind -- is this too good to be true? I mean, sure, Moustakas can rake, but nine RBIs? This can't be the work of mere mortals. There has to be something larger at work, a spirit so powerful, it can lift mankind to greatness: Behold, the magic of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

While Kansas City played in Baltimore, the famed horses welcomed their newest member just over 100 miles from Kauffman Stadium. The foal was born at Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Mo., and in honor of Moustakas' career night, the owners came up with the perfect name for it: Moose. (Warning: Unbearable cuteness ahead.)


Someday soon, the Clydesdales will make the trip to KC, Moose will meet Moose and all will be right with the world.