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Light-up, juggling, rollerblading Pirates superfan makes postseason appearance at PNC Park

It's a disco ball ... it's a mobile rave ... it's BURGH MAN!

While the Pirates' second consecutive NL Wild Card appearance resulted in an 8-0 loss to the Giants, there was still plenty of positive energy to be had on the bridge outside PNC Park. It was there that Pittsburgh's glow stick-adorned, bowling pin-slinging superfan made an October appearance: 


According to Burgh Man's website, it's a rare "positive stone" that gives him his optimistic energy:

An unknown element that gives off positive feelings & energies to Burgh Man & the people of the City of Pittsburgh and it's surrounding communities.

It appeared as though Burgh Man's optimism was infectious. One young Pirates fan was spotted mimicking Starling Marte late in the game even with the home team down by a crooked number:


Other superfans must not have gotten the memo:


Glass half-full or glass half-empty, we'd venture to guess they're all already counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report.