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Buster Posey's swing is a thing of natural beauty

There's great beauty surrounding us every day. Take a nature hike one morning and you'll stumble upon dew-covered leaves and birds of one thousand colors. Go to the beach and watch the sun shine off the waves. Pull up Instagram and look at the photos of your friends' extravagant meals. 

But all of those look like festering garbage in comparison to Buster Posey's swing. Just look at the kinetic chain that Posey put into action on this third-inning RBI single on Wednesday night. Watch how his weight transfers back-to-front, how his eyes remain glued to the ball and how his swing is somehow more level than every piece of art on my apartment's walls:


Naturally, because it's so good, Posey did it again a few innings later to pad the Giants' lead to 6-4.