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Byron Buxton's first MLB hit was a triple because of course it was

Of course Byron Buxton's first MLB hit was a triple

This year, Byron Buxton led the Minor Leagues -- nay, all levels of professional baseball -- with 12 triples. Perhaps in homage to that fact, the Twins hit three three-baggers in one inning on Sunday, though sadly none of them were hit by Buxton.

But we didn't have to wait long. In the eighth inning of Monday night's game against the Cardinals, the outfielder stepped up to the plate and hit a line drive into left field, motoring around the bases like a flash of light:


According to Statcast, his speed topped out at 21.39 mph, which is A) fast enough to get you pulled over in a Massachusetts school zone and B) .41 miles faster than Billy Hamilton's last triple, hit on May 13 against the Braves and maxing out at 20.98 mph. It's even faster than Jarrod Dyson's triple on May 10, which clocked in at 21.03 mph.

Now, we're not implying that Buxton could beat Hamilton or Dyson in a foot race. But we are saying that his speed is truly extraordinary. And by using the word "extraordinary," we are implying that Buxton is so fast he probably wears a cape and fights crime on his off-days. Now all we need is for Netflix to make an original series about him. 

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