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In battle of rally caps, Cal's cowboy hats and capes emerge victorious over Texas A&M's snack boxes

Cal's capes emerge victorious over A&M's snack boxes

We all remember those on-the-cheap college days: spreading peanut butter on ramen noodles for sustenance, buying the cheapest version of literally every product at the grocery store and waiting to go to class to use the bathroom because you're out of toilet paper. College is all about being resourceful.

These UC-Berkeley and Texas A&M ballplayers proved that on Saturday night. Squaring off in the College Station regional of the NCAA Tournament, the teams were tied at 1 going into extra innings. Naturally, something needed to be done to spark the offense.

Texas A&M opted for the old, "Find old snack boxes, eat the snacks, and then wear them on our heads" look. You know, the look that tore up the runways of Milan just a few short years ago.  

While it was fashion forward, it didn't work and the teams went into the 14th inning still knotted at 1.

That's where Cal's superheroic cowboy look paid off. 

With their players donning jerseys worn as capes in the dugout, the mustachioed catcher Mitchell Kranson came to the plate. On a 2-1 pitch, the man nicknamed El Gaucho drove it deep into the night. 

I guess what this means is that in the grand scheme of things, capes will always beat snacks. It's not the expected power ranking, and yet, here we are. 

A&M will now play Coastal Carolina for the right to play Cal on May 31 with the winner of that matchup moving on to the Super Regional.

(h/t SB Nation)