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Camden Yards' 'Fan of the Game' was a Red Sox-loving nun

Sister Liadore, a Boston native, was chosen to be the "Fan of the Game" at Camden Yards during Sunday's Red Sox-Orioles game. The Fan of the Game is selected by showing a few fans dancing on the jumbotron, and whomever recieves the most raucous applause wins. Sister Liadore brought the house down.

Unbeknownst to the cheering fans, however, Sister Liadore was a secret Red Sox fan.

Hailing from Boston, she claimed that her love of baseball grew out of frequent trips to Fenway Park with other members of her church. But honestly, to watch her open her prize pack and delight at every souvenir contained therein, you have to think she's just a really big baseball fan who's perfectly happy watching any team win.

(Video from Stephen Cashman / Real-Time Correspondent)