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Cardale Jones throws first pitch at Indians game, proves Twitter is where dreams come true

Previously, on As the Cardale Turns: When last we saw our intrepid hero, Ohio State quarterback and Cleveland native Cardale Jones, he was crusading across the Twitterverse, making a heartfelt plea to the Indians to throw out a first pitch:

We now flash forward to Friday night, just before the Indians took on the Orioles in Cleveland. With a veritable battalion of Ohio State cheerleaders and nut-related mascots at his side, Jones stood on the Progressive Field mound, ready to complete his own version of the American Dream -- from Twitter to a real, actual first pitch:

Cardale first pitch

Sure, the accuracy isn't anything to write home about, but he does spend most of his days throwing a large, oblong-shaped ball, so we'll give him a pass this time. Bravo, Cardale, for reminding us that, if you just tweet hard enough, anything is possible.