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Carlos Carrasco makes not-terrifying-at-all human baseball of Jose Ramirez

Carlos Carrasco makes human baseball of Jose Ramirez

Considered playoff contenders at the start of the year, things hadn't been going so well for the Cleveland Indians, opening the season with just a 12-21 record. However, after beating the White Sox, 4-3, on Wednesday night, Cleveland has now won four of their last six.

Apparently we've found the reason: This magical amulet bearing Jose Ramirez's visage that was apparently made by Carlos Carrasco: 


Oh, wait, you're saying that it's just a baseball with some eyes drawn on it? And that it bears a startling resemblence to Will Forte's "best friends" on "Last Man on Earth?"

Well, then either Carlos Carrasco has a second career as a Hollywood prop master awaiting him or one of the balls from the show has achieved sentience. And that's also terrifying. 


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