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Carlos Correa has already homered off a Cy Young winner (and 4 more awesome facts)

Correa to debut, already has HR off Cy Young winner

If any of us were half as good at anything as Carlos Correa is at baseball, we wouldn't be spending our time scouring the Internet for GIFs of him hitting monster home runs in small towns throughout the U.S.

The 20-year-old shortstop -- ranked the No. 2 prospect in all of baseball -- is set to make his MLB debut in Chicago this week after the Astros officially called him up to the bigs on Sunday night.

Ahead of Correa lighting your fantasy league on fire, probably, we thought it'd be best to give you a little background on the kid who would have just finished taking final exams for the spring semester of his sophomore year if it weren't for his supreme baseball ability.

1. He's already homered off a Cy Young Award winner

You might recall that 2015 was supposed to be the year of the comeback. Johan Santana, Manny Ramirez and Wily Mo Pena were all primed to make it back to the bigs. Ditto for Barry Zito. The 2002 AL Cy Young Award winner signed a deal with the Athletics, but failed to make the Major League roster, instead accepting a spot at Triple-A Nashville, where he crossed paths with Correa and ...

2. Carlos Correa is smarter than all of us

Not only is Correa a top MLB prospect, but he was also the valedictorian of his high school. If the baseball thing doesn't pan out for him, he can always fall back on a career as a brain surgeon or an astronaut.

3. He's still really young

Going by Opening Day rosters, Correa is only 100 days older than the AL's youngest player -- Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna. Neither has celebrated their 21st birthdays yet.

4. He wants to handle his own finances

Most super wealthy professional athletes hire accountants and financial experts to handle their yacht-loads of dough (mo money, mo problems, ya know). But Correa is holding himself a little more personally accountable

"If I didn't play baseball, I would probably study accounting," he says. "I would like to learn how to manage my own money. But if I get a contract, the first thing I would like to do is help my parents pay off their debts."

5. He hit a home run out of a stadium and off the building across the street

Seriously, he did that:


Brace yourselves, folks. The future is upon us.

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