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Carlos Correa would absolutely play football for the Texans (if they asked him to)

Thanks to a walk-off single from Jose Altuve, the Astros topped the Tigers on Sunday afternoon to take two out of three in the series. You know what that means: Celebration! And not just sports-drink showers and pies -- we're talking maybe-some-NFL-scouts-are-watching hug-tackles. Here's Carlos Correa congratulating Altuve on the win:


"I always take it easy on [Altuve]," said Correa about the tackle. "So, everything we do is just having fun. We're like brothers, and when you're brothers, you play around a lot, and that's what we do all the time."

But Altuve thinks Correa has real potential.

"I think if the Texans see that, they [are] going to put [Correa] out there," said Altuve.

But would Correa even want to play football?

"I actually played football in Puerto Rico, but it's not big in Puerto Rico," said the shortstop. "But I just did it for fun. But if the Texans offered me something, I would like to try out … I can play two sports. I don't mind that."

But he also noted, "I don't think the Astros would be really happy with that."