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Carlos Gomez robs Matt Duffy at the wall, is all kinds of fired up about it

Gomez celebrates after robbing Duffy at the wall

Whether refusing to let Joey Votto hit a home run or pulling off some kind of sliding Willie Mays impression, Carlos Gomez has established himself as a very good center fielder. He makes hard catches look easy, and impossible catches look possible. 

But no matter how many jaws he drops, no matter how many batters he foils, Carlos Gomez refuses to become jaded. It would be easy to take his defensive prowess for granted, to let the joy of robbing people grow old and mundane. But no, as his leaping grab at the wall on Tuesday shows, Carlos still has the same joie de vivre he showed as a rookie:

Carlos Gomez catch

You go, GoGo. Do what you love, love what you do, dance like no one is watching, and rob as many dingers as your heart desires. 

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