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Orbit takes in sixth inning from behind home plate, inspires Carlos Gomez to hit RBI single

Orbit inspires Carlos Gomez to hit big RBI single

Orbit's a pretty busy ... uh, alien. There just isn't a lot of downtime between hosting a tea party for all of his friends and attending to the very important business of trolling Jose Iglesias , after all. So during Sunday's Game 3 of the ALDS, with the Astros hosting their first postseason game since 2005, Orbit took some time out of all that mascot-ing to just relax and be a fan of his favorite team. Luckily, his pull within the organization got him a pretty great view:


Evan Gattis wasn't able to come through, but he clearly just wasn't aware of Orbit's presence. Once word made it to the Houston dugout, Carlos Gomez responded with a RBI single to make sure the home crowd/furry green thing went home happy:

Gomez single

His team's 4-2 win assured, Orbit immediately returned to his regularly scheduled Beyonce flash mob

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