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Carlos Gomez's bat drop after his home run was basically a bat flip

Carlos Gomez's bat drop was basically a bat flip

There are moments of high emotional intensity when you don't actually have to say the thing you want to say. You just say something that suggests your true feelings -- the way "I'll just have a small piece" suggests "I will eat this entire cherry pie tonight" -- and everyone listening will know exactly what you mean.

We saw this principle illustrated during Game 4 of the ALDS, when Carlos Gomez dropped his bat after homering in the third inning to bring the Astros within one run of the Royals.

Sure, he just dropped his bat -- he wasn't going to carry it around the bases with him. But what that drop suggested, emotionally, was that Gomez flipped his bat so hard that it would spin head-over-handle for the rest of eternity.

And that is how you flip your bat without actually flipping your bat. 

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